The Training Dates for our 2017/2018 courses are listed below.

This comprehensive 16 day training leads to a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Diploma in NLP. All information on how this course is accredited is available on this website.

Eight Month Spring Programme Commencing February 2018

Eight Month Summer Programme Commencing June 2018

Eight Month Winter Programme Commencing October 2018

24th/25th February 2018

24th/25th March 2018

21st/22nd April 2018

26th/27th May 2018

23rd/24th June 2018

21st/22nd July 2018

25th/26th August 2018

22nd/23rd September 2018

9th/10th June 2018

7th/8th July 2018

11th/12th August 2018

8th/9th September 2018

13th/14th October 2018

10th/11th November 2018

8th/9th December 2018

5th/6th January 2019

6th/7th October 2018

3rd/4th November 2018

1st/2nd December 2018

12th/13th January 2019

9th/10th February 2019

9th/10th March 2019

6th/7th April 2019

4th/5th May 2019

Hypnotherapy Training Warrington

The comprehensive 16-Day training leads to a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. All information on how this course is accredited is available on the website or by request.

15th/16th September 2018

20th/21st October 2018

17th/18th November 2018

8th/9th December 2018

12th/13th January 2019

9th/10th February 2019

16th/17th March 2019

13th/14th Apri 2019

Intensive Training Dates

We also offer our 16 day intensive training. This course provides exactly the same level of training but is delivered in two intensive blocks followed by a consolidation weekend. This structure meets all the study hours requirements for registration with all the leading Hypnotherapy Governing Bodies. Please visit our Accreditations Pages for important information

Training places are strictly limited so that each delegate receives the individual attention that is so important. This is a relaxed and enjoyable 16 days intensive training.

Autumn Intensive 2017/18 Dates

Module 1:
16th-22nd October 2017

Module 2:
20th-26th November 2017

Consolidation Weekend:
6th/7th January 2018

Spring Intensive
2018 Dates

Module 1:
12th-18th March 2018

Module 2:
9th-15th April 2018

Consolidation Weekend:
2nd/3rd June 2018

Autumn Intensive 2018/19 Dates

Module 1:
27th October-2nd November 2018

Module 2:
24th-30th November 2018

Consolidation Weekend:
19/20th January 2019

The HypnoFocus Training Centre

All training takes place in our own training centre based in the small market town of Rugeley in Staffordshire WS15 2BL. This is a superb environment in which to learn and practice. Each group of three students can have their own private practice room where they can spend time using the techniques being taught. We don’t believe in having students all working in the same room. We believe learning Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy should be fun and enjoyable. If you would like to visit us and see our training facility before joining one of our courses then please email or telephone and we will be delighted to show you around.

For more location details click HERE .


You are invited to join us at our next Free Hypnotherapy Taster training day.
These places are strictly limited. Our next Free Taster days are:


Saturday 14th July 2018

Why do we do this?

Because 70% of those attending book onto our training courses

Please call to book your place!

01889 808065