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Hypnosis Training Near Birmingham


Our Hypnosis Training Course is located in a listed building where we have our own training rooms. This allows our students practice in small groups where each room is set up just like a professional clinic. Many training courses require students to practice in one room where interruptions and noise often distract both student and ‘client’. Our small group structure of a maximum of 12 students allows us to give you the ideal environment to practice as you learn. Each group of three students have access to their own practice room. We also allow time for feedback after every exercise. This makes learning fun and also very effective.

Our Training centre is only about 40 minutes drive from Birmingham, in the small market town of Rugeley in Staffordshire. There are also excellent rail links and the station is only a 10 minute walk from our training rooms. This is a much more relaxed environment and allows you to make the most of the investment you are making in yourself and your training.

Come to one of our free training days and experience our training for yourself.



Our Training Rooms are located at:

Paris House

Market Square



WS15 2BL



Parking is available close to our Training Rooms  location.

The car park is called Market Hall Rooftop, which is on Bees Lane.

Here is a link to a car park website with all the relevant information




 RugeleyMap_1_Screen shot 2013-03-23 at 13.41.43

Up to 1 hour £0.80

1-2 hours £1.60

2-3 hours £2.40

3-4 hours £3.20

over 4 hours £4.00

Please check the charges yourself but these are accurate as far as we know for Taylors Lane. This is the closest parking.


Hypnotherapy Training