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Our feedback rating from out students is 9.83 out of 10

Our rating is assessed by our students as excellent.

“I chose this course because Dave has a clinical background and he has very strong ethical values and embraces people from all walks of life.  Even though I felt scared, due to my losses and ups and downs in the past, and my consequent lack of confidence, I felt warm in the training environment.  Coming to the training course was like having a therapy session for myself in addition to learning hypnosis.

After each training session on Sundays, it left me confident and relaxed and I looked forward to the next training session.

The homework was quite tough for me, with a lot of hard work and effort.  Even though it took me many hours/days/weeks to complete them, I achieved all of the criteria, skills, knowledge and experience, and now I am a qualified hypnotherapist.

Recommend? Yes, Yes!”

A student in training from October 2014-May 2015

“Having been a nurse for thirty years, I was keen to find a trainer who had also been a health professional, so that is what first drew me to Hypnofocus, as Dave had been a nurse too.  Then, when I saw all that was included in the course, I knew this was the right place for me.  Visiting Dave one weekend a month suited me as I was then able to digest what we had learned and practice on any family and friends who were willing.

The weekends were intense in that we covered a lot and were able to practice on each other (from day one), but the learning was often fun and definitely interesting.  We could all see how much we were progressing from one month to the next and the endless possibilities for hypnotherapy became clear very quickly.

I have loved doing this course and I’m actually sad now it is over.  As a group we gelled really well and I have made some great friends from it.  I now feel ready to launch into my new career with confidence because, as well as learning about hypnosis and the techniques to use to really change people’s lives, we learned a great deal about how to set up and maintain a business – something I knew very little about before.”

Jill O’Keeffee, Nurse

“It has been the most wonderful, life changing course I have every been on.  From day one we were fully engaged learning theory and being given opportunity to practically apply our new found knowledge.  The course was paced extremely well and the comprehensive course materials make an invaluable resource that I am sure I will be referring to for many years.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about making a career in hypnotherapy as it thoroughly covered everything that we needed o know from the absolute basics, to running a successful business.  I am very excited about my new career thanks to the skill and knowledge of Dave.  Oh, and did I mention that I haven’t laughed so much in years.”

R.W. Local Authority Manager

“The Course was wonderfully delivered by Dave who clearly knows his stuff and brings lots of experience to his teaching.  Alarmingly he had us putting each other into trance on day one.  Luckily, he also made sure we came back out of it on day one too! I learned so much – not just about hypnotherapy, NLP and many other things, but also about running a hypnotherapy business.  The group I studied with was warm, friendly and supportive – exactly what you need when you’re embarking on something so unknown – and although we were all training together, we all learnt from each other, and I really enjoyed our practice sessions.  I am thrilled that I have made good friends as well as colleagues.”

Gill Coad – Trainer/Coach

Having come from an analytical and evidence based background, I was looking for a Clinical Hypnotherapy course that would tick all the right boxes for me. I spent months researching, calling different training companies and checking out whether they were really “accredited” as they claimed. It is a minefield out there!  However, eventually I found “Hypnofocus” and spoke at great length to Dave Woolley, the Company Director and Trainer.

I must admit that I did give him a hard time as I wanted to be sure that he was who he claimed he was and that his course could deliver what I was looking for. Having checked him and his Company out, I knew that this was the right course and training Company for me. I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed. The Clinical Hypnotherapy Course is intense, but Dave’ knowledge and his own experience, expertise and delivery of training have been outstanding.

I would highly recommend “Hypnofocus” and Dave Woolley to anyone who is looking for an “in depth” high quality hypnotherapy course that will actually equip you to do the job properly and safely

Wendy Hampshire

This course gives you all you need to become a confident practitioner. The clinical knowledge coupled with the theory of hypnosis is superb. I wish I had done this years ago.

James. Qualified BACP Counselor.

Fantastic course, very well lead and delivered. leaves you feeling empowered and not wondering. You will leave with the certainty that you have the ability to apply the knowledge in the big wide world.

Anne-marie. Dental Nurse

On a personal level the course has been a real game changer. It has exposed me to new perspectives on personal development that I have been able to use myself. I think this has been an important part of the learning process and has helped develop the confidence to be an independent practitioner. Chris. Civil Service 

“I feel that the course has given me the skills to build upon in order to start up a practice in hypnotherapy and the confidence to carry it through. The training provided practical tools and time to gain the confidence to use and build upon the skills learnt.” Jan.   Qualified Nurse and Cardiac Specialist

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in becoming a professionally trained in clinical hypnotherapy. I researched training available very intensely before embarking on this course. I found that when I investigated providers’ credentials and qualifications we would attain, it was clear that this is the most honest and credible course out there.”

Debbie. College Lecturer.


“Training as a hypnotherapist has been the best thing I have ever done. The course has been fantastic. Good clinical information delivered in a style that gave me confidence to be an independent practitioner. I now feel that I have something really positive to help my clients make the changes they want.”

Mary. J. Reflexologist Birmingham.


“Having embarked on a total new direction in my career, I met with Dave Woolley to discuss the course detail and requirements prior to committing to the training. I chose Hypnofocus because the course content, schedule and Dave’s psychiatric background and hypnotherapy experience stood out from other training providers.

The course schedule being over 8 months was a great mix of intense classroom training, followed up with home study, case studies and reading in between. Dave was able to share his experiences and learnings which will be invaluable to me as I embark as a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself. The course took me from knowing very little about Hypnotherapy, to now where I feel confident in my skills and knowledge in order to set up my own practice.

I would fully recommend Hypnofocus and Dave Woolley to anyone interested in learning about Hypnotherapy or associated practices and will indeed, likely be using Hypnofocus in the future to further develop my own skills and expertise.”

Sue. S. Corporate and Executive Coach. Staffordshire.


“Dave has a strong clinical and academic background. His training style is both engaging and energising. He uses a mix of practical work, case studies, lectures and group discussion thereby considering all learning styles and engaging all learners.

Dave is a very authentic, likeable and extremely knowledgeable person and I would highly recommend him to others considering hypnotherapy training. We hope to work with Dave again in the near future.”

Teresa ‘ BABCP Accredited Psychotherapist’


“The recent course I attended with Dave Woolley, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, was brilliant. This course was outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it. Professionally taught, in depth in content, intensive and challenging but fun and well worth it. This course gave me the skills and confidence to work with clients in a professional manner. One of the best courses I’ve attended.”

Dawn J Acupuncturist and Therapist



Having attended the course running from January 2012 to August 2012 I would recommend this course for anyone wishing to enter into the field of Hypnotherapy. I was surprised at how easy the trainer Dave Woolley, made the course seem. The course was very informative, very educational and very good fun. It left me feeling confident that I can work in this field without feeling that I’m out of my depth in any way.

Kevin S. University Sports Performance & Fitness Coach Ex-British Forces


I chose to train with Hypnofocus Training because it was obvious from my first contact with Dave that his main aim was to give me the knowledge and skills to become an effective professional therapist, rather than just pass an exam or be awarded a certificate.

This was evident all through the training with strong emphasis on skills practice and their use in “real situations”

Now I am qualified and seeing my own clients I am very aware of how thorough Dave’s training was and how well he prepared me for a new career as a Hypnotherapist.

Stephen G. Local Government Officer


Using Hypnofocus Training as our training provider was a decision Lewis Psychology CIC made after many hours of research and many phone calls to various training providers in and around the midlands.

Dave had the clinical background we were looking for and his transparency and genuineness was extremely refreshing. After taking the time to send us the information we required he insisted on a face to face meeting, largely to see if we ourselves were suitable candidates for this particular training. We all agreed and on completion of the course we can say without hesitation it was a marvellous decision.

Dave is extraordinarily knowledgable and an expert trainer. The information was delivered in a way that was fun and very accessible.

Many thanks from all at Lewis Psychology

Mr P Lewis. Director, Lewis Psychology CIC


If you’re looking for a hypnotherapy / NLP course then this is the one. Its the best course out there!

Dave is a great trainer and at the weekend training days he’s engaging and passionate about providing everyone with all the latest up to date information.

He creates the perfect environment to produce confident, professional and successful therapists.

Julie G. Therapist and Business Owner


I had been looking for a Hypnotherapy Training Course for months. I gave Hypnofocus Training a call and they were really nice and helpful. I explained how interested I was but also how anxious I was about training.

Everyone was very reassuring so I decided to enrol on the full Diploma in Hypnotherapy Course. It was the best decision I have made. I am already seeing clients on a regular basis and really enjoy the work and the freedom it gives me.

Louise G. Reflexologist


The training at Hypnofocus is some of the best I have experienced. As a trainer myself I know how difficult it can be to meet the needs of all delegates. The training style is flexible and we all had time to ask our questions. The practical demonstrations were always interesting and sometimes entertaining. This course does provide you with the skills and confidence to become a therapist.

John. H. College Lecturer


It was a really enjoyable course. I was very fortunate to have been able to study with such a great group of people under such a knowledgeable tutor. Dave shared his experiences as well as business advice throughout the course taking us all on a journey through hypnosis with well paced practical exercises everyone had the chance to practice what they learned in a safe and supervised group.

I know that at the end everyone was ready and raring to get going and get set up in the practice and that is all down to the quality of Daves teaching. He definitely knows his stuff.

Ian.G. Marketing Executive

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