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To make things really easy we have kept all the important documents in one place.

We believe that many training companies try to be something they are not. They make things complicated and attempt to give the impression that they have a simple pricing and accreditation system. All too often this is not the case and costs can spiral upwards before the student gains any worth wile qualification

We have looked long and hard at the competition and know we offer Hypnotherapy Training that is second to none. Our course qualifications, training dates and accreditations are easily understood and there are no hidden extras to pay for.  You gain the Knowledge, Experience and Confidence to practice independently and we offer free ongoing support for the first 12 months after graduation.

Our courses are externally accredited by the leading Hypnotherapy organizations in the United Kingdom. We receive regular compliments on the clarity of our information and the accuracy of the information we provide.

By clicking on the links below you have access to the documents that contain all the essential training information. We believe our training is the best in the sector and if you would like to discuss anything with us please give us a call.

Based on over 30 years clinical experience gained within the NHS, Private Practice and Commercial Environments we are able to provide a training program that really delivers.  All too often we hear of short courses that lack content and longer courses that fail to convey what it is like to treat patients on a daily basis. When you have completed your Hypnosis Training with us you will have the confidence in your clinical hypnotherapy abilities to treat a wide range of clients.

Our professional Hypnotherapy Training is Fully Accredited by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and National Hypnotherapy Society. You also receive a Diploma in NLP that is endorsed by the Professional Guild of NLP. This is clearly one of the leading NLP organizations in the United Kingdom.

All of the above are leading independent accrediting organizations within the UK and we invite you to check the standards of our accreditation.

We are very proud that we have been endorsed by these organizations.

As part of our Accredited Hypnotherapy Training you also qualify as a Smoking Cessation Specialist and a Weight Management Specialist.

To download our Training Documents in PDF format please click the links below: Please allow 45 seconds for each document to load fully. It can then be printed, opened or saved to your computer.

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